Monday, January 10, 2011

Healthy Tips for Busy Moms

Recently, I've been looking into healthy eating tips for busy moms who have full plates and not much time left for themselves. Obviously I'm going to suggest Garden Lites as a helpful tool to healthy food on the fly, but that's just one piece. Some of the articles I've read are appalling.

This article advises readers to throw out your kids leftovers or else "[...] you're bound to stuff a few of their nuggets or a hot dog in your mouth."
They aren't alone in the message they are sending moms. Avoid the junk you feed your kids.

In the spirit of "getting real"... C'MON PEOPLE!

The best solution to eating healthy with a busy family is to involve your family. No more cooking multiple dinners to appease everyone's pallettes. You should cook for the lowest common denominator. Are you trying to incorporate healthy fruits and vegetables into your daily life? To drink more water? Move more? Get everyone into that mindset. Make it a game! Keep a chart on your fridge to keep track of how many glasses of water each of you has had per day. After meal time, go for a family walk around the block or shoot hoops. See who can reach their daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables first. (Okay, that one is a little dorky, but hey - maybe it'll work?)

If you consider a food not worthy of entering your healthy lifestyle, why feed it to your kids? Teach them about reading food labels, what each nutrient means and how it helps your body function. Make it a challenge to find clean food labels when you go grocery shopping. (*Ahem* - Garden Lites) As the healthy challenge progresses, your kitchen will be rid of temptations and full of healthy options for everyone.

When it's not just you versus the world, you stand a fighting chance to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Also, you have your very own support system! What better way to teach kids the importance of nutrition early on? You will be giving them a lifelong tool for success. And for you? Another chance to get into your skinny jeans.

If you don't know where to start with healthy meals your kids will love, check out Meal Makeover Moms!

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