"Get Real" Challenge! - Meet the team!

Our "Get Real" Challenge has started and we couldn't be more excited!

Here's the challenge:
  • Replace one meal a day with a Garden Lites souffle or frozen dish.
  • Get real about staying hydrated.
  • Get real about moving more.

That's it!

We aren't setting out to create a new diet, just to support a healthier lifestyle.  We also aren't doctors, so please consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet.  We do know that Garden Lites packs so many health benefits into a single serving that it is a great first step to consuming healthier, real food. 

"Real ingredients. Real food. Real delicious." is not just a saying, we really believe it!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUR TEAM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Julie - Marketing Assistant
"For me, getting real is not a diet, it's a mentality.  Thinking more is the biggest difference."
Age: 26 - I feel like I've just begun my adult life. I've got an excellent job, fabulous guy, great apartment and crazy cat to keep my plate full, now to make some time for me!
Weight Loss Goal: 20 lb - Would get me to my original NYC weight before all the fast food and fast pace.
Strategy: Get out of my mundane routine before it becomes habit, feel better and gain muscle.
My Steps: Think more about what I'm eating. Read labels. Stop eating due to boredom. Eat in smaller quanities. Drink lots of water. Replace 1 meal a day with a Garden Lites. Use my treadmill. Repeat.
My Reward: I hope the choices and adjustments I make now continue throughout my life and help me to create a health conscious home.

Peg - National Sales Director
"This is not a challenge for me as much as an opportunity to continue the 'work in progress' on ME and MY LIFE."
Age: 50 - This is a very "cool" time in my life! I know who I am - the good, bad and ugly. My life is hectic... I juggle a career, family and home stuff.
Weight Loss Goal: The PRIZE goal is 20 lb - That would get me back to my Weight Watcher (lifetime) Goal weight and my skinny jeans! :)
Strategy: Stay healthy and fit so I can live and enjoy a better quality of life.
My Steps: Make better choices during the day by eating more fruits/vegetables and lean protein. Monitor portions of everything I eat. Include Garden Lites as a meal replacement or meal compliment once per day. Work out twice during the week and twice on weekends. (Which sounds easy but with work, business travel, family and home life - it is difficult to be consistent and time gets ahead of me.)
My Gift: I hope through sharing my story, I will help to inspire others to a healthier lifestyle.

Watch as our team takes on the challenge and track our progress. Feel free to join! Just start!

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